Dream Groups

Dream Groups

Sweet Georgia Pam works at the intersection of spirituality and dreams. She has been facilitating dream groups for the past ten years and is trained in the Haden Institute‘s method of dream group work.

“Leading dream groups is one of my passions. I always enjoy introducing a group to the imaginative world of dream interpretation and guiding them to new levels of understanding about the power a dream has to express our interior spiritual journey towards wholeness.” ~Sweet Georgia Pam

Pam’s current opportunities for dream groups are:

Host Your Own Dream Group

  • Invite Pam to your host a dream group for your clients, team, or friends! Allow 2 hours for a dream group experience. Includes introduction and time for questions about dreams and their meanings. Maximum number of participants should be 12 (groups larger than 12 will be getting more of a demonstration and discussion rather than the experiential dream group, but Pam is available for that as well).
    Contact Pam for more information or to invite her to your gathering.

Join a local Dream Group

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