Sweet Georgia Pam currently offers 3 services. Dream Interpretation, Dream Coaching, and Spiritual Direction.
If you’re interested in inviting Pam to lead a small dream group, speak at your event or facilitate a workshop/retreat, please use the Contact page.

 Dream Interpretation –

What it is: an email correspondence with Sweet Georgia Pam to share a dream and receive her detailed response

What you get: a written, detailed response to the dream you submit (plus an opportunity to follow up with questions); Learn More…

Your investment: $15    Click HERE to begin.


Dream Coaching –

What it is: a 20 minute video conference with Sweet Georgia Pam to discuss your dream(s) and uncover the messages they are sending.

What you get: a private session with Pam to explore your dream(s) and their symbolic language; dreams are intimately tailor-fitted to each dreamer and interpretations only serve to crack open the door to understanding them. In a dream coaching session, you’ll dive more deeply into dreams and their layers of meaning in relation to your waking life.

Your investment: $30     Click HERE to begin.

Spiritual Direction –

What it is: a 60 minute video conference (or face-to-face meeting) with Sweet Georgia Pam to connect with your Divine nature and see where Divinity is moving you and guiding you.

What you get: an opportunity to tell your story of God and get personal attention from Sweet Georgia Pam about your spiritual journey; dreams and contemplative prayer practices are often used as tools in sessions.

Your investment: $50     Click HERE to begin.