About Dream Coaching

About Dream Coaching

Dream Coaching goes further than dream interpretation. An interpretation includes work with a single dream and its layered meaning for your waking life. A Dream Coaching Session is a private conversation that expands that interpretation to include not only more dreams, but also your personal dreaming patterns. You will get several ideas about various ways to unpack your dreams and personal attention to your dream questions.

The purpose of dream coaching is to guide you into a relationship with your dreams so that they can provide you with permanent access to your inner voice.

On my own journey, I began with a single dream. Once I understood its meaning, I realized that all of my dreams carry the same potential to give me new perspectives and to provide answers to my obstacles in life. Dreams are the raw expression of your inner voice! Dream Coaching is a way for me to help you discover the richness of your internal guidance system and then to help you learn ways to navigate the interior symbolic language of your dreaming mind.

A Dream Coaching Call lasts about 25 minutes and costs $50.

If you’re interested in signing up as a dream coaching client, click HERE to begin.

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