About Spiritual Direction

About Spiritual Direction

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…Spiritual Direction offers a soft place to rest your soul and tell the tales from the  journey of your life; it’s where you are heard, witnessed and blessed before going on your way again into the wild, adventurous jungles of daily living.

I discovered that when you do dream work correctly, it ultimately leads you on an inward journey of deep, reflective inner work. Following the breadcrumbs of wisdom left by my dreams, I was led down a path to becoming a spiritual director, which it turned out was my calling all along. When I trained at the Haden Institute, I learned the power behind simply listening to another soul’s story. We all need to be heard, but the type of hearing I’m talking about in spiritual direction is so much more than just listening to words. When I sit with someone in spiritual direction, I listen with my physical, mental and spiritual faculties. It is called Holy Listening.

My approach to spiritual direction is to take the lens of dream interpretation (seeing layers and layers of meaning hidden inside a single image or event) and focus it on waking life as well.

It was my own journey through dreams that led me on the spiritual path back to Catholicism and contemplative prayer practices. I realized that dream work, which can trigger deeply stirring moments of vulnerability, must be couched in the safe environment of spiritual direction.

The combination of exploring the playful language of dreams while honoring the dignity of a person’s relationship to their definition of the Divine is a powerful way to help people make great strides in their spiritual and personal development.

Here are a couple of things to know before submitting the request below:

A Spiritual Direction Appointment lasts 60 minutes and costs $85.00.

  1. After you submit this form; you will receive a response within 48 hours with more information as well as a link to submit payment.
  2. You are not committing to anything by submitting this request form for spiritual direction; there will be an email exchange where you will have space to ask all of your questions before deciding if you wish to make an appointment.

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